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Elegance Barbers Aberdeen

Prices for:

Hair Cut and Stlye

Gents Hair Cut & Style

Approx 20 mins
Gents Hair Cut & Style £13.99

Skin Fade

Approx 35mins
Skin Fade                 £15.99

Clipper Cut

Approx 10mins
Clipper Cut                   £11.99

Hair Wash

Hair Wash                                      £4.99

Wash & Blow Dry

Wash & Blow Dry                                   £9.99

Gents Highlights

Gents Highlights                                    £27.99

Beard Trim & Shave

Beard Trim & Shave

Approx 10mins
Beard Trim                         £8.99

Wet Shave

Approx 20mins
Wet Shave                    £11.99

Hot Towel Shave

Approx 40mins
Hot Towel Shave                    £19.99

Head Shave

Approx 30mins
Head Shave              £12.99

Gents Grooming

Eyebrow Shape

Eyebrow Shape                 £9.99

Eyebrow Tint

Eyebrow tint                                £9.99


Facial                                             £24.99

Middle Of Brows Thread

Middle Of Brows                        £3.99

Nasal Hair Trim

Nasal Hair Trim                            £4.99

Child Cut (under 10's)

Child Hair Cut (under 10's)

Approx 15mins
Child Hair Cut               £9.99

Child Skin Fade

Approx 20mins
Child Skin Fade                 £11.99

Students Hair Cut

Students Hair Cut

Monday to Thursday

Students Hair Cut               £12.99

Senior Citizen Hair Cut

Senior Citizen Hair Cut

Senior Citizen Hair Cut        £9.99